Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sharks & Cheetah

‘What about her eyes’???!!
I’m sure you're all aware of Tommy Bowes little rendition of Black Velvet's tune (for those of you who haven’t seen it, please feel free to check out the link. Well poor Tommy seems determined to silent his singing critics and hit back, however he keeps failing. After the game on Saturday he was feeling confident to give it another crack, needless to say, it hasn’t got any better! You can only feel sorry for him though, we were walking through the team hotel the other day when a group of supporters started jeering at Tommy.... "what about her eyes" I’m afraid it’s something he might have for life!!

So three wins out of three. I know I keep coming back to the results but to be honest, this tour is all about wining and as a squad we're genuinely delighted to have 3 under our belt. Last Wednesday was a great occasion for me both personally and as a member of The Lions squad. To make your Lions debut is always a very proud moment and one which I really enjoyed and will remember forever, particularly when you score 73 points against the opposition. Myself and Mike Philips were the only two backs not to score which was a point for a lot of slagging after the game!

Last Saturday wasn’t exactly the performance we wanted but again we got the win (luckily one might add) although to be fair to the Cheetahs, they were a better side. The Natal Sharks are up this weekend, they won the Super 14 last year and are sure to give us a tough game but I still expect us to win!

We're in Durban at the moment, the weather isn’t great and believe me, some of the boys aren’t happy about it especially Donnchadh who’s desperately missing the sun! Our roomies have changed again and I’ve got my first Welshman in Martin Williams and no, there hasn’t been any banter about the grand slam. You tend to leave those jokes at home.The Welsh boys are all really good lads and have made a big difference in creating the strong team atmosphere.

On our day off this week we went diving with sharks and snorkeling in a local theme park which was good fun. Needless to say these sharks were all behind bars, although there were the few brave forwards who fancied their chances swimming into the cages!!